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“Our woke generation is headed for doom” – Pretty Mike

"Our woke generation is headed for doom" - Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike, one of Nigeria’s socialites has penned a thoughtful note to all and sundry.

Taking to his Instagram page, Pretty Mike shared a lengthy note that addresses the nation’s current state and the twist that has suddenly gotten hold of the usual way of life.

The socialite addressed the issues surrounding the forthcoming election in the country. He noted that the citizens are wining and dining with people who claim to have the interest of the citizens at heart; when in reality they are after their selfish interest. He further advocated that people get their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and do the needful.

Addressing the ills that have suddenly eradicated the norm in society, Pretty Mike threw a jab at the woke generation who use relationships to pass time and hurt people who genuinely are committed. While noting that the ‘woke’ generation is headed for doom with the path they tow, he advised that people should continue to imbibe love and loyalty in their daily lives, a tool that can never be outdated.

Pretty Mike’s thoughtful message

“I weep for myself, I weep for you and the coming generations.
We are in relationships with people who are masters in ‘The oldest profession in the world” #ash We’re drunk in love with people who express their undying love to us and a million others, making us believe we mean something to them all the while leaving us in our utopia.”

“In this generation, relationships are used to pass time, hurting genuine people is staying woke, (Lets take a break in this relationship, is seen as an opportunity to quickly sleep with half of the People in ur Dm) Hookup is now customary and part of our culture…. and infidelity is sitting pretty in relationships and marriages as normal.

“Have we all forgotten the Golden Rules “Luke 6:31 “Do unto others as u would have them do unto you” OR “Leviticus 19:17-18 “Love thy Neighbor as thyself”…. Instead we all now governed by social media Quotes ?? #TeamPepperdem Smh

“Our ‘Woke’ generation is headed for doom but what can we do but carry on. Carry on with loyalty that can never be outdated or old school. Carry on with love, let it radiate through your actions. Together we can heal the world. #HusbandMaterial #GetYourPVC

Pretty Mike takes a swipe at ladies who know broke men

Kemi Filani recalls that Pretty Mike took a swipe at ladies, one that will effect a quick check and balance

On his Instagram story, Pretty Mike opined that if a lady knows more than three stingy guys, it simply means she begs too much for a living.

“If you know more than 3 stingy guys that means you beg too much” he wrote.

Pretty Mike asserts that most Nigerians are emotionally bankrupt

Kemi Filani recalls that Pretty Mike asserted that most Nigerians are emotionally bankrupt.

The socialite, who is known for his controversial entrance to events took to his Instagram story to note that he has succeeded another day on social media because he can’t wrap his head around the increasing rate of sad stories he has heard and seen on the gram while noting that most Nigerians are emotionally bankrupt.

He wrote: “I think I’ve succeeded another day holding my head up on this Platform. Becos The amount of sad things I’ve had to read and watched since yesterday, I’ll have to say, Most Nigerians are emotionally bankrupt”.

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