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Otedola bridge accident: Stella Damasus defends the Federal Government

From the desk of actress Stella Damasus;

Last weekend I sent out a tweet concerning the plateau killings and the lives that were lost. I said we had to pray for our mother land, we need healing, cleansing, wisdom and protection. Some people came at me and said I was being stupid for misleading others. They asked me why I keep saying we should pray when it is obvious that it’s the government causing our problems. They asked me why I didn’t scream PVC and voting. I responded and said “while others are doing campaigns for voting, (which is fantastic), why not give some of us a chance to campaign for prayers too? Can’t we support with prayers? Since when has praying become a crime or a trivial thing. I let it go and continued to pray with my family for #nigeria. Then the news of the explosion in Lagos came to me and it was caused by failed brakes and collusion with a loaded tanker. This explosion claimed at least 50 vehicles, some with occupants. Please someone should convince me that it is the government’s fault this time. Tell me it’s the government that caused the brakes to fail. When I said we need to pray for cleansing I knew exactly what I was talking about. But the enemy has capitalised on our hate and he has made prayer a sour topic and a waste of time. I will continue to pray because this is beyond government like it or not. Let’s take responsibility, do the work and vote right but without prayer to back it all up…………..

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