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“The knowledge of my true identity” – Stella Damasus speaks on how she takes a stand for herself

Nollywood beauty Stella Damasus has spoken about how she takes a stand for herself and decide the categories of people in her class.

The mother of three made it known that knowing her true self helps her decide whom to accept or tolerate, those who belong in her circle or needs to be seen afar.

According to her, it helps to understand the changes life can offer without being trampled upon.

“The knowledge of my true IDENTITY helps me decide what I will and will not accept or tolerate. It helps me know those who can be in my circle and those who I choose to love from afar. It helps me see the things that give me joy and things I should never be a part of. The kind of work or investment I should embark on and the ones I shouldn’t. It helps me stand my ground on my beliefs no matter what anyone says. You will be amazed at the life changes that your IDENTITY can offer you. Have an amazing week,” Stella Damasus wrote on Instagram.

miches2666 wrote, “I love you mum you have been my favourite since childhood
You are a great gorgeous woman full of wisdom.”

mbasitijesse wrote, “I like how you put it during our talk on ‘I Overcame’ – “ If your name is Esther & while you are walking in the market , someone keeps shouting ‘NGOZI’ will you answer? …DO NOT ANSWER A NAME THAT IS NOT YOURS!”

dez_dmarshall wrote, “Literally spot on! Thank you for re-emphasizing this Queen.”

demmy_more wrote, “Honestly, one will be alone for a while but the good people for you will show up with God’s guidance. Thank you.”

anyimchinedum wrote, “I know who you are. You are AWESOME just the way you are. An epitome of God’s glory… It’s the unique voice of yours for me as well. Stay blessed.”

Kemi Filani recalls that Stella Damasus broke her silence on the divorce with ex husband, Daniel Ademinokan, stating she found out about his decision on YouTube.

During a podcast with Teju Baby Face, Stella Damasus opened up on how her husband, who was supposed to take a long trip broke their marriage on the phone.

She claimed she received phone calls from her friends who called to check on her after reports circulating claimed her marriage with Daniel Ademinokan has ended. The actress revealed how she checked on YouTube and discovered the vile words being used to describe her broken marriage while she was still in the dark.

Stella Damasus further disclosed that she put a call through to her husband, who revealed that he won’t be returning from his trip.

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