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“He has joined them at the upper chamber, Illuminati” Omah Lay stirs the internet as he distances himself from religion

Omah Lay speaks on religion

Nigerian singer, Omah Lay has created a stir online following his latest interview where he expressed his disinterest in religion.

The ‘Damn’ singer admitted that he used to be religious, till he gained fame and started making money and now has backslid.

Omah Lay narrated his growing up days in a Christian home and how at some point in his life, he contemplated converting to Islam.

Though he is no longer religious, he still believes in God but has chosen to place humanity over religion. According to him, he respects his Creator and acknowledges his presence but for now, he doesn’t enjoy religion anymore. To further buttress his point, he stated that there is no evidence that the holy books were written by God or his servants.

“I think as soon as I made money I just switched, I just believed in God and respected God and became more human than religion, I just don’t enjoy religion anymore. I grew up in a Christian home, I spent a lot of time in church, and at some point, I was going to convert to Islam but now I’m at the point where it’s just me and God, no religion.”

His statement has sparked mixed reactions online as many noted how religion is majorly for the pøor.

One Mr Lilgaga wrote, “Africans become less religious and more spiritual after making it in life

One Nene George wrote, “He has joined them at the upper chamber, Illuminati

One Gorgfit Fashion wrote, “It’s always like that. If you see a rich man who is devoted to God, he has an experiential knowledge of God. Most people who claim to know God are just after what He can give them. After they get it, so pe otilo

One Korin Effect wrote, “He didn’t say he gave up on God. He switched because, in Nigeria, people who carry religion for the head are poor.

One Funmilayo wrote, “Stop talking like a kid. There’s GOD!!

One I Am B Model wrote, “So nah poverty dey make so many people dey entangled with religion?

One Dr Phili wrote, “Most Africans are religious because of poverty, not because they know God.

One I Am Neenah wrote, “The poverty make church full

One Charlzz Franklino wrote, “This guy has discovered true freedom of the mind. Immerse yourself in spirituality, not religion. God is an energy you connect to personally, you don’t need any mãn-made rules

One Official Teejay wrote, “Until the devil go play with your future you go remember God

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