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“We were all granted Yorobian citizenship to be part of the industry” Mary Njoku tackles Aisha Lawal



Mary Njoku taunts Aisha Lawal

Nollwood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has tackled her colleague, Aisha Lawal on WHO owns Nollywood.

Kemi Filani earlier reported that Aisha Lawal had sparked an online debate with her revelation on why the Yoruba industry owns Nollywood.

In an interview with Tribune, Aisha boldly stated that Nollywood is owned by the Yoruba movie industry.

According to her, filmmakers and actors in the Yoruba industry were the ones who started Nollywood.

She made this known while addressing critics, who believe the Yoruba industry is ‘playing catch-up’.

“We own the industry. Go back to research. The industry belongs to the Yorba people. If you go back to research, you will hear from people like Hubert Ogunde, and Ade Love.

I don’t want to go into details. But, if you go and research very well, you will discover that Yorubas own this industry. We started this industry.

We messed up at some point, but we are not playing catch-up. We are there already. Now, everybody wants to shoot a Yoruba movie”.

Tackling her, Mary Njoku poked fun at her as she concurred with her statement.

She sarcastically stated that Aisha Lawal is right, hence why Nollywood is called Yollywood.

Further poking the bear, Mary faulted Nigerians for their wrong punctuation, while adding that Nigerian filmmaker was granted Yorobian citizenship to be part of the industry.

“I think she is right, that’s why it’s called Yollywood. Nigerians don’t know how to pronounce it. And every Nigerian filmmaker was granted Yorobian citizenship to be part of the Industry”.

Mary Njoku taunts Aisha Lawal as she claims Yoruba own Nollywood

Learn to communicate without speaking Yoruba” Destiny Etiko appeals to her Yoruba colleagues in the industry

Weeks back, Destiny Etiko appealed to her colleagues in the Yoruba industry to adopt the Nigerian lingua franca.

In a video captured online, the Igbo actress noted how many of them only know how to communicate in their dialect which makes communication very poor.

Appealing to them, she told them to learn how to communicate either in English or broken.