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“This is heartbreaking, our system can’t be that broken” Mary Njoku shuts down possibility of Mohbad’s death being swept under the carpet

Mary Njoku reacts to Mohbad's case being swept under the rock

Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has shut down any the possibilities that late singer, Mohbad’s death could be swept under the rock.

For some days now, many have been voicing out their fears that the singer wouldn’t get his desired justice because of the country’s failed judicial system.

Giving them hope, Mary stated that the country’s system isn’t that broken as she considers their fears and concerns as a spittle on the face of the Justice system in Nigeria.

According to her, it isn’t only about Mohbad, but about the system that has failed its citizens for so long. She cited an example of how Mohbad filed a police report, but nothing was done on it.

“This is heartbreaking! With all our voices, cries, in fact, the whole country has been in mourning for weeks now. Yet we still believe there is s possibility that it can be swept under the carpet. This is a spittle on the face of the Justice system in Nigeria. Haba! Our system can’t be that broken na”.

Haaaaa! Dem no fit try am o! In fact, make dem no think am sef!!

According to the News, Mohbad filed a police report and NOTHING was done. Now he is dead.
The Nigerian Police can sue too. Everyone should align o! Hmmm.
Good morning”.

Mary Njoku reacts to Mohbad's case being swept under the rock

Recall that when the news of Mohbad’s death made rounds, Mary Remmy Njoku posed an important question to Nigerians.

Mary who never listened to Malian songs, revealed that she did so for the first time and watched disturbing videos online which left her tear-jerking.

Calling for justice, she stated that his death made her wonder about the value of human life in Nigeria.

Just a day back, Mary Remmy Njoku had lashed out at critics over her opinions on the late singer and the controversies surrounding his death.

Mary Njoku, who was one of the few celebrities who publicly took a stance against conducting DNA tests for the deceased’s son, earned criticisms from lots of netizens.

Defending herself, Mary admitted that she might be wrong sometimes, hence, why anyone shouldn’t take it personally.

The CEO of ROK TV added that no one has a monopoly on madness, but many like her have repented.

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