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IVD finally breaks silence, tells his side of the story with receipts (Video)


Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna, popularly known as IVD, has broken his silence following the death of his wife, Bimbo.

Kemi Filani news reported hours ago that the sister of Bimbo, broke the sad news of her demise.

Bimbo’s sister accused, IVd of killing her sister.

In a post on her Instagram page, she wrote,

“My hands are shaking. Bimbo is gone. Bimbo is gone. My sister is gone. The fire is burning me. Haaaa. IVD you killed my only sister…”.

IVD breaks silence following his wife’s death

In a now-deleted post on his Instagram page, IVD shared his side of the story with evidence.

The celebrity auto-dealer shared videos of his wife damaging his cars.

According to him, his wife was fond of unleashing violence anytime they quarreled.

Sharing a cryptic post, he wrote,

“My greatest hurts will be at my funeral, everyone will be like… Bimbo was such a fantastic human, a clown, she’s that one person you had on your sos call, she had the biggest heart, very smart, she looked out for her family…. Bobby yen yen yen….. My corpse will wake up and shout “SHUT UP ALL OF YOU AND PUT ME INSIDE THE GROUND LET ME BE WITH LORD” Bobby yen yen yen…. Pablo escobar na my mate. You didn’t get his memo and eulogy at his funeral. I am laughing at my dumb ass. You see why I am still Alive, I don’t even take myself seriously”.

Bimbo’s sister accuses IVD of killing Bimbo

This is coming hours after, the sister of late IVD’s wife, Bimbo Ogbonna opened up on her death.

Mama Razz,as she is fondly known on Instagram, made a new revelation about her sister’s death.

She claimed that the celebrity auto-dealer, IVD, pushed her sister into the fire.

According to her, IVD pushed his wife into the fire and watched her burn.

She, confirmed that the popular businessman, was on the run following his brutal action.

“You pushed her into the fire, you watched her burn, you videoed her. You burnt me, this fire is burning. IVD oooo, you are the run”, she said while weeping.

IVD breaks silence
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lucia

    October 17, 2022 at 9:24 pm

    Nobody should blame Bimbo. If one had ever been in a relationship where she is being controlled by occultic manipulation and charm you will understand why she couldn’t leave the marriage. A friend once fell into the hand of occultic man Stephen by name at Ibeju in the name of marriage relationship last year November and within six months the wretched guy she fed almost killed her spiritual for money ritual in that relationship that her family members even told her then that that guy didn’t look real but she was no longer with her normal senses because the guy already initiated her into the occultic kingdom, even as she started suffering different sickness all of a sudden until a sister in church visited her and they embarked on mid night prayer before she then came back to her normal sense and broke away from that relationship. But if not that she embarked on deliverance prayer should would have died.

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