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“This explains why she found it hard to leave” Netizens react to throwback photos of IVD and wife, Bimbo (Photos)

IVD and wife

The death of Bimbo Ogbonna, the wife of IVD, has continued to rock social media as more revelations keep unfolding.

Throwback photos of the couple during their youthful days have made it way to the internet, and has gotten many talking.

These photos, further proved to many, while it was hard for her to leave her marriage, as she had known her husband since they were young.

Majority, opined that IVD’s wealth could have played a major role in his toxic behavior.

Netizens reactions

One Vinar wrote, “Don’t believe the live and loyalty of a broke guy!! Money changes people alot

One Wendy Peters Chere wrote, “So it’s not even by building and sticking up with a broke man that guarantees happiness…..

One Meeldread wrote, “Maybe he was loyal here o. Small money enter this! True caller show. SMH!

One Super Woman wrote, “This is so heart wrenching. I watched the video where they begged her to come back when she left the marriage. Now see what it led to. Women know your worth. Only you can complete yourself. I repeat. Love yourself enough.

Disrupt Dotcom wrote, “Okay now I see…no ways they are going to separate without one going down. The woman helped this guy make wealth from the screenshots coming out. This is deeper than we see or think we know

One Hameed Ahadayi wrote, “Hmmm fat attraction! This explains the reason why she found it hard to leave d union. She couldn’t envision her life without him. At that point she needed some sort of external help. If she had recovered them d burns she might hv s stayed in that union sadly. May her gentle soul RIP

One Tontolo Fabrics wrote, “When money enter…. It mostly change the narrative of young & humble lovers

One Adorable Affodables wrote, “Wow! They’ve really come a long way. But I’m still speechless about the hatred & violence that later took over them

One Jamaal Amin wrote, “Reason why it was so hard for her to leave…it’s not easy to give up or leave someone you’ve been with for this long u all day it like it’s easy”.

IVD breaks silence following death of his wife

Following his wife’s death, IVD broke his silence, as he denied being violent to the deceased.

In a since-deleted post on his Instagram page, IVD shared his side of the story with evidence.

The celebrity auto-dealer shared videos of his late wife damaging his cars and being violent on him.

According to him, his wife was fond of unleashing violence anytime they quarrelled. Read more here.

Bimbo died on Saturday, October 15. The news of her demise was announced by her elder sister, Mama Jazz.

Throwback photos of IVD and wife
Throwback photos of IVD and wife
Throwback photos of IVD and wife
Throwback photos of IVD and wife
Throwback photos of IVD and wife
Throwback photos of IVD and wife

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