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“We leave together, we die together” Isreal DMW makes vow to Davido



Isreal DMW promises to die with Davido

Israel DMW, the personal logistics manager to award-winning superstar singer, Davido has made a lifetime pledge to him.

The 02 performing artiste, via his Instagram page, vowed to die with his boss.

To prove his loyalty to Davido, he stated that he leaves together with Davido and dies together with him.

He went on to express gratitude to Davido, although he didn’t mention what the singer did for him.

“We leave together. We die together. Thanks sir. Fucking shit”.

My Lord and saviour – Isreal DMW hails Davido

Just days back, Isreal DMW, had taken his love for Davido to the extreme with his declaration.

Isreal, who has proven his commitment and loyalty to Davido countless times, had reaffirmed his love for him, by declaring Davido as his Lord and Saviour.

This isn’t the first time, Isreal DMW has made such a bold declaration.

Isreal DMW promises to die with Davido

“I will still choose to serve you in my next life” Isreal DMW expresses gratitude to Davido over what he did for him

Last year, while expressing his gratitude to his boss for assisting him with his UK visa, he promised to choose him in his next life.

Isreal DMW took to his Instagram story to reveal how Davido played a role in helping him secure a 2 years visa to the UK.

Appreciating him for the sweet gesture, Isreal DMW asserted that he will still choose to serve the sing in his next life.

“I just got another 2 yrs UK Visa into my life. Thanks my Oga. If I come another life again, it is you I will serve. E remains America ooh. Uruese Kakabo”.