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How Mercy Johnson escaped social media mob yesterday as Nigerians brutally attacked Joke Silva online over Tinubu

Mercy johnson tinubu campaign

Days ago, Kemi Filani News reported that popular and highly celebrated actresses, Joke Silva and Mercy Johnson were drafted into the Tinubu’s Campaign team.

Although they were not the only celebrities in the team, the duo were the most dragged online by Nigerians after the long list was shared online.

Top Nollywood actresses, Joke Silva, Mercy Johnson Okojie, Fausat Balogun, Bahama Sadau and more have made the list.

According to Punch, the ruling All Progressive Congress on Independence Day announced the composition of the women’s campaign train with First Lady Aisha Buhari; Senator Oluremi Tinubu and Hajiya Nana, wife of the vice presidential candidate, Senator Kashim Shettima, leading the pack.

Following the news, many expressed disappointment in Joke Silva and Mercy Johnson for pitching tent with the party.

Yesterday, a Lagos Women Support walk was held for the ALL Progressive Congress (APC) presidential aspirant Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In solidarity with Tinubu, Shettima, Sanwo Olu, and Hamzat, who are vying for governor and deputy governor of Lagos State, women from various sections of the state organized a walk.

At Tinubu Square in Lagos State, the solidarity walk is still going strong.

Videos of the women walking on the streets with banners, including professionals, market women, market traders, and celebrities, have become popular online.

Joke Silva dragged for storming Tinubu’s campaign

Actress, Joke Silva, who is a member of the Tinubu Campaign team stormed the event. This made Nigerians drag her mercilessly on social media, causing her to make a post on her Instagram page.

A lot of Nigerians questioned her moral justification and asked where she left her ailing husband, Olu Jacobs. One Harmony wrote: “So Joke Silva left Olu Jacobs to come and walk under the sun for someone she’s stronger than for free? That woman smart pass dat one. Lagosians, Collect your money”.

One Peter wrote, “You lot are all greedy individuals, disguised for long as intellectuals & activist while in the real sense you were cashivist. Imagine supporting one of the biggest criminals of the 21st century for the position of president. What’s the difference between Tinubu & Abacha?”

Joke Silva disables comment section

Following the brutal call out and name calling on social media, Joke Silva disabled the comment section of her Instagram page as she posted photos and videos from the event.

Reacting to this, one Dr Ann Amuta took to popular micro blogging platform, Twitter and wrote; “I’m really happy Joke Silva closed her comments and other Tinubu supporters are in the closet and afraid to publicly support him/APC. This means we’re getting somewhere. There is shame in supporting greed, wickedness and failure, and I’m happy they recognize this.”

Mercy Johnson goes MIA at Tinubu’s Campaign

Mercy Johnson on the other hand, who was dragged along side Joke Silva the day the campaign team list was released online was nowhere to be found at the event.

The mother of four (4) is yet to post anything related to Tinubu or the APC campaign on any of her social media pages as at the time of writing this report. Instead, she posted only advertorials.

Why is Mercy Johnson missing in action? Is she scared of being “Cancelled” by Peter Obi and Atiku’s supporters? Is she scared or the backlash of she’s engaged with other more important and personal stuff?

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