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How I feel when I see people who have spent ten years in marriage – Divorced Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

OAP Toke Makinwa has said that she holds a big respect for people who have spent ten years and more in marriage.

According to Toke Makinwa who is divorced with Maje Ayida, staying in marriage for that long requires a lot of work.

“Each time I see people who’ve been married for 10 years and more, I can’t lie I respect them BIG, for holding it together and not losing it, it is a lot of work and I wish many people were more honest about that journey”, she tweeted.

Below are some comments on Twitter.

@oduduwa2020 wrote: “12 years and no one has settled any arguement for us.. We only shout once in a while and settle before d end of d day.. We look forward to each other and we all know when each one return home.. Just that money has been d bane but we live happily”

@clintonchinaka wrote: “17 years married,20 years together,it is hard work, commitment, sacrifice,Love, tolerance and above all by the special Grace of Almighty God”.

@Peterchied wrote: “A lot of women fake their lives into getting married to a man they desperately want. After a month in marriage, their real altitude will show and the man will hate them. If you want a marriage that’ll last long, be your real self to him, let him love u, let him want to be with u”.

@kcnaija wrote: “People who go into marriage with the mindset of superiority contest will always have problems. People who are narcissistic who fail to realise that marriage is about a family as a unit not “I” and self aggrandisement will always get into problems”.

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