Toke Makinwa comes through for ladies married into a ‘stingy family’

Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

Popular and controversial media girl, Toke Makinwa has taken to social media to advice girls/women who are married into a stingy family.

The Yoruba born diva took to micro blogging platform, twitter to tell  ladies that the moment they find out their in-laws are greedy, such a lady should not fail to ask their husbands to put properties in their children’s name.

She referenced that she has never seen a man being kicked out of the house after the death of his partner.

She wrote;

“I’ve never heard of “men” being kicked out of the house when their wives die or properties being seized, cars collected, humiliated, etc. why are women still subject to this rubbish still? Why? Like Why?”

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“The entitlement of these so called “in-laws” after their son dies is disgusting, all the things they could not try while he was alive, how can someone die and the neighbors have to come in to rescue his wife from vultures called relatives? It’s always the woman that suffers.”

“If you are married to someone who has greedy family members, if they all solely depend on your husband for everything, pls ensure he puts everything in his children’s name if he refuses to jointly have your names on property, it’s ok, let him put your kids names.”

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