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BBNaija Season 7: Mixed reactions as Groovy breaks up with Phyna (Video)

Phyna and Groovy break up

It is a heartbreaking time for Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemates, Groovy and Phyna.

The housemates’ ship seems to be on the verge of destruction.

Last night, the couple had their first fight over Phyna’s drinking habit.

Housemate Daniella had spilled to Phyna her secret discussions with Groovy.

Groovy had opened up to Daniella who he considered his bestfriend to let his feelings for Phyna known.

At that time, Groovy was still trying to navigate his feelings for Phyna and had confessed to Daniella that he didn’t like her and she (Phyna) was forcing the relationship.

It seems things has changed and Groovy is already in love with Phyna, unfortunately, Daniella spilled the tea to Phyna, who thought Groovy was playing her.

Before their Guinness game, Phyna drank to stupor, which Groovy wasn’t happy about.

Cautioning her, Groovy begged her to reduce her intake of alcohol.

He said, “If you want to drink as you like them there is no point of us continuing this relationship”.

Groovy had no choice but to call their relationship to a halt as Phyna remained adamant on drinking.

Phyna said: “You are breaking up with me”.

Groovy replied: I am not breaking up with you I am telling you we need space

Phyna pointed out how there isn’t any difference between the words.

“Which is the same thing as break up”.

This has stirred mixed reactions from netizens. Why others sympathized with the couple, others mocked them (particularly Phyna).

lady_khemz: E don reach ur turn Nobody is above breakfast

sheilaokonkwo: I really don’t blame Groovy, bcos everyone blamed him about beauty drinking too much, I understand where he is coming from, before you will drink and start misbehaving and talking out of point, when anything happen now, they will now blame him again

obehiidios_: Wot happen to limit ur alcohol intake to just one bottle??? Abeg groovy go sleep someone can’t change overnight. I just hope Phyna I just hope Phyna can focus and avoid this guy

iz156: If only Phyna can just agree to this decision and move past this….phynaa you know this guy is not being honest with you from the start pleaseeee allow this to end biko…

chikaugo. Finally!!!!!! Thank you groovy. Now my girl can focus on the prize!

adaiyzik: But he is actually looking out for her

nnekaopara3: He cares so much about her by helping her to limit alcohol intake….she’s even in d last stage of ulcer…which is not too good for her health

king_bestty007: You guys should break up oh

la_go.galaxy.971: Truth is bitter good man looking out for his girl

oritoke_ade102: He’s responsibly and want the best for her period, Phyna stop Guiness for now and focus on your game only. I no dey ship anything, we’re here for you

everything_preorder_by_tiwa: National cake

Kemi Filani news reported that Groovy, was not impressed with how things were going on a fast pace between him and Phyna.

During a conversation with his supposed girlfriend, Groovy pleaded with her to reduce their level of public display of affection.

The lovebirds had held viewers spellbound with their several lovey-dovey moments.

Since the eviction of Beauty, who was Groovy’s love interest, Phyna had made several advances toward him.

The two shocked many when they shared an intimate moment after their Saturday party.

Phyna and Groovy were seen passionately kissing in the presence of other housemates.

This had caused a stir online as many questioned what the ladies saw in Groovy.

Groovy told Phyna to reduce her amount of kisses and lovey-dovey acts.

Phyna, who wasn’t impressed, said it was because he did not like her, hence his disapproval.

He reassured her that feelings grow as people spend time together.

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1 Comment

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    Hot breakfast phyna

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