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Alleged female teacher covers ATM screen with her bag and nylon (Photos)

A lady in a bid to perhaps protect her pin while using an ATM in Enugu state, covered the ATM Machine in a somewhat funny manner. The teacher (judging from the shirt she wore) used her handbag and a polythene bag to shield the public from seeing her details at the ATM.

An internet user who was shocked by the woman’s action shared the picture online – with different reactions trailing it.

See some of the reactions culled from lailaisblog…


I think she got tired of carrying her heavy hand bag while on the queue, so placed it on her head to relieve herself and when she got to the ATM she was loosing balance and to prevent the bag from falling off she supported it with the left hand in which she had the poly bag.



Man must safeguard the little in hand especially in this present Government. Do you know how hard it is to make N100 in Nigeria lately? Even the police are busy killing people for N100. Nigerians have never been this low.


That is what happens, when a girl works for her money. She will protect it by all means….

Unlike umu olosho who never work for theirs but get more than they needed by just opening their virus infested puna for every tom and dick(abi Harry).That’s a good one girl.


it might just be that she use the hand to support the bag on her head and not to protect anything. maybe she doesn’t want to dirty her bag by putting it on the floor.


For this Buhari time…Everybody got to be careful..

Yahooboiz just deey send me stupid message since, say dem don deactivate my ATM card…Lol

Buhari tire everybody…


Awwww, you can tell she really worked for her money. Before bad youth dem come n steal what she has toiled for.

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