After a fibroid diagnosis and a miscarriage, Nigerian lady gives birth twice in a year

An Instagram user, Lollar Micheal-Olowa took to the platform to share her amazing testimony after she welcomed her son.

According to her, she was diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids even before she knew a man, and also lost her baby at 23 weeks. She wrote…

Sometimes I wish we could see the future right in the present, then I wouldn’t have wasted my time in tears and unbelief.

If you are wondering if there is a God, take a good look at me.

I was the one diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids even before I knew any man

I was the one doctors said might not be able to conceive

I was the one that conceived despite the doctor’s diagnosis(even though I lost the baby “Zion” at 23 weeks)

I was the one with hormonal imbalance for 2 years

I was the one doctors couldn’t figure “what exactly went wrong”

I was the one who consumed plenty drugs and herbs. ……just when I decided that I’ve had enough and was tired of leaning on my own understanding. God decided to prove himself.

See me…. I conceived my son “Priceless” without being ill or anything. Take a good look at him, he is the best baby everyone prays for.

Just when I thought God was done with me…. I was 3 months pregnant again when Priceless was 6 months and I never knew. Then I remembered my Pastor’s prayer for me in 2016 “For your shame, he’ll give you double”…. well I kinda gave up on the prayer when P was born and he wasn’t a twin…. lol.

See me now…. Just 11 months, 3 weeks after Priceless, Miemer is here!!! ???????? Its amazing how this time last year, i posted that i had put to bed and I’m doing the same thing this year (don’t worry, it isn’t a yearly thing ??) Femi, Odiri and Ben, i guess I’m “Mama awon boys” after-all ??? Dear Lord, I’m grateful.

Just like Wale Aladejana, I’m trying to share my little story…. hope it touched you in the “littlest way”

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