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“Concentrate on your relationship” Fans dig out old comments of Venita trolling Toke Makinwa 10 years ago



Fans dig out old comments of Benita trolling Toke Makinwa

Fans recently uncovered some remarks made by Venita about Toke Makinwa a decade ago, hinting on a bit of drama in the past.

It all started when Doyin, a former housemate, made some strong comments about Venita, calling her mean and disappointing. This led fans to do some digging of their own, and what they found surprised many.

A decade ago, Venita had some words for Toke Makinwa, advising her to focus solely on her relationship and keep her lips pursed. She even suggested that Toke should have been married by now. These comments resurfaced, and fans couldn’t help but notice the irony in light of Doyin’s recent remarks about Venita.

Below are some of the reactions from Netizens;

One the_belle_tiwa had this to say,

“Nigerians can dig anything but Tinubu’s Certificate”

One ladyque_ had this to say,

“Make una leave FBI work for Nigerians”

One gwushime_ had this to say,

“So what Doyin said about Venita is true, that if she don’t like you she’d make sure others don’t too”

One prettyfacejaimi had this to say,

“Some years back, venita humiliated a close friend of hers under the girls post, calling her a thief and that she should return her weeve. She has alwavs been that terrible.”

Netizens can’t help but find a correlation between Venita’s old mean tweets to her mean comments about Chizzy. Just recently, Venita had inquired if Ex Big brother level up housemate, Chizzy was possessed.

This is coming after Chizzy had handed out a shockingly low score of 2.5 to the housemates entire wager performance.

Ex-housemates Chizzy, Ozo, and Vandora were tasked with judging the current housemates’ performance. Ozo’s score had been a 5 out of 10 while Vandora’s score had been a 4 out of 10.
The scorings had seemed seemed relatively reasonable, until it was Chizzy’s turn. The low scoring he had given had made Venita inquire about the state of his senses.