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Bishop Oyedepo finally reveals the secret to his church’s prosperity

Bishop Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church, has in a recent sermon shared the secrets behind his church’s prosperity.

He revealed that at various times when certain countries were at war and needed relief, his church was always ready to donate.

He listed countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone, and also mentioned when a bomb blast happened in Ikeja. He stated that the Red Cross team had revealed that Living Faith Church had been one of the biggest donors of relief.

He revealed that sometimes when people wonder how their church is able to get to the level that it has gotten to, the seeds that grew in the past is possibly what is bringing forth good fruit now.

Now, let us recall that in the beginning of May 2024, Bishop Oyedepo had issued a warning to Yahoo Boys during a sermon on Sunday, April 28. He expressed that Yahoo Boys are living in a very fast lane, which would end in bitterness and destruction.

He went on to state that nobody that plays games has future in the kingdom, and he warned them to desist from such acts.

He also noted how there is a law to mind, which is the law of sowing and reaping, and that when it was time for them to reap everything they had sowed, that they would reap it.

Now recall that two days ago, Kemi Filani had reported that Bishop Oyedepo’s son had elicited some mixed reactions from netizens after he confessed that he once battled with pornography.

He revealed how he still vividly remembers travelling to a country, and when he switched on the TV, his porn struggle began.

Luckily for him, God brought him out of it quickly. He also noted how a lot of people still struggle with it, and wished he had met someone to help him with his struggles earlier on.

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