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“It’s been a challenging year for us” Eniola Badmus speaks out amidst drama with Davido

Eniola Badmus and Davido

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus, has made her first public statement amidst beef with the Adelekes.

Despite the ongoing beef with her longtime bestfriend, Davido, Eniola Badmus has chosen to focus on her charity.

Unbothered with him and his family cutting ties with her, Eniola Badmus promoted her yearly charity work. Eniola Badmus revealed that she would be feeding the needy, as she has been doing for the past 5years.

Noting how challenging the economy has been, Eniola vowed to find a way to show love and impact the society.

“It’s been a challenging year for us, Nigerians. No other thanks to harsh economy which unfortunately still impacts our basic livelihood.

Nonetheless, we still need to find a way to show love and impact the next person during this season because you never can tell

As a tradition for me in the past 5 years, and with kind support from my favorite brands, we would visit a good number of less privileged homes on the mainland and island to show love……”.

Eniola Badmus promotes her charity event

Davido unfollows Eniola Badmus

Kemi Filani reported that, Davido had stirred the internet as he unfollowed his longtime bestfriend, Eniola Badmus.

The singer and Eniola Badmus have been best of friends for years prior to his son’s death in October.

Kemi Filani did a check on Davido’s Instagram page and noticed that he has unfollowed people. Further investigation showed that the Davido had clicked the unfollow button on Eniola Badmus.

However, Eniola Badmus is yet to reciprocate, as she is still following the singer at the time of reporting.

To add to it, his elder sister, Sharon Adeleke has cut ties with Eniola.

Hours after Kemi Filani reported that Davido unfollowed Eniola Badmus, his sister, Rona as she is fondly known as also clicked the unfollow button on Eniola.

Kemi Filani did a check on Rona’s Instagram page and noticed she is no longer following the actress. Also, Davido’s elder brother, Adewale Adeleke and his wife, Kani seems to have clicked the unfollow button on her as they aren’t following the actress.

Eniola Badmus promotes her charity event

Eniola Badmus gets into trouble for monetizing Ifeanyi’s death

Recall that Eniola was one of the first celebrities that announced the death of Ifeanyi in a cryptic message.

Moments after her post, Nigerians stormed the comment section, accusing her of using the boy’s death as a means of gaining more popularity. Others opined that it was insensitive to announce the death of a child before confirmation from the parents.

With things spiraling out of control, Eniola was forced to delete the post on Instagram and Facebook.

The 38-year-old also came under fire after posting now-deleted videos about the death of Ifeanyi on her YouTube channel.

Eniola had created over 4 contents centered on Ifeanyi’s death.

From Seun Kuti’s reaction to his death to Princess blowing hot, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega cancelling his birthday plans and her unveiling a real story on his death.

Many who were quick to view the content before she took it down, mercilessly dragged her on social media.

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