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“My deep desire is to become Asake’s full-time backup singer” DJ Cuppy excited over meeting Asake



Popular Nigerian DJ and musician, DJ Cuppy, recently took to Twitter to share her playful aspiration of becoming Asake’s full-time backup singer.

Cuppy’s tweet sparked a light-hearted reaction from fans who understood her humorous tone.

In her tweet, DJ Cuppy revealed that she had finally met Asake in person and took the opportunity to discuss her deep desire to join his music journey as his main backup singer. She even used the hashtags #mrsmoney and #Asake, referencing Asake’s nickname “Mr. Money” that he often mentions in his songs.

“Hadn’t met @Asake in real life until this surprise A I was finally able to discuss my deep desire and career development of becoming his full-time backup.

• #CuppyOnAMission #MrsMoney

Netizens believe that the tweet, though playful is also a way of her taking people’s criticism of her musical skills in good stride. While it’s clear that she was joking about becoming Asake’s backup singer, it’s not surprising for her to express her aspirations and dreams in the field she’s so passionate about.

Cuppy has been very vocal about her desire to get married in different occasions, and her tweet playfully aligns with this recurring theme in her personal life.

Her most recent known relationship was with boxer Ryan Taylor, which involved an engagement. Everyone thought they would get married soon but it appears that the duo have since gone their separate ways after unfollowing each other on social media back in June.

During her time with Ryan, DJ Cuppy frequently shared moments of their relationship on social media, showcasing their connection and affection for each other.

While Cuppy’s romantic relationship was one that was often in the spotlight, netizens are glad to see her cruising and having fun once again. to