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“This is my husband right here” Debbie Shokoya proudly unveils husband’s face amid husband snatching allegation (Video)



Debbie Shokoya unveils husband

Nollywood actress, Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya better known as Debbie Shokoya has finally unveiled her husband’s face.

The Yoruba movie star, who has been keeping her husband’s identity under wraps has proudly shown him off to her fans ahead of his birthday this month.

Proudly calling him her husband, Debbie expressed her undying love for him as she sent him an early birthday wish.

“Just because it’s the Month of the “Baby that baby me”. Happy Birthday in advance Okomi. August’s born are amazing!! Love you forever and days more.

That is my handsome husband right there”.

Debbie Shokoya ignores naysayers, flaunts husband as she marks the new month with prayers

Just days back, Debbie Shokoya, who is unbothered by what people think about her marriage, marked the new month with a loved-up photo of her and her husband accompanied by prayerful words.

She avowed that amazing people are born in this month and her husband happens to be one.

Debbie prayed for the month to be a blessed and fruitful one and to give many reasons to rejoice.

Debbie Shokoya gets engaged on Valentine’s Day

The talented role interpreter got the shock of her life when her now husband proposed to her in February.

He went down on his knees to propose to her on Valentine’s Day.

Debbie Shokoya, who was taken aback thought she was going the spend the day with her partner, not knowing that he had something else up his sleeve.

In the video posted online by her colleague, Biola Bayo, Debbie Shokoya was seen getting down on his knees as he asked his woman to spend the rest of her life with him.

A surprised Debbie, who was dressed in white shorts and a shirt, said yes to him.

The couple went on to tie the knot at a low-key ceremony.

Reports made rounds that Debbie had gotten married to a married man, an allegation the movie star hasn’t directly addressed.