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Daniel Regha slams Burna Boy for a scripted, half-baked apology

Daniel Regha slams Burna Boy for a scripted, half-baked apology

Social media adviser and analyst, Daniel Regha have once again called out Afrobeat music star, Burna Boy over an apology.

Kemi Filani reported that Burna Boy performed late at a Lagos concert on Sunday, 1st January 2023, an act which made his fans call him out for starting his show by 3 a.m. instead of 7 p.m. Reacting, the singer humiliated them by cursing them. He declared that he only decided to attend the concert out of goodwill and that he would have gone home if not for pleas from his colleague, Seyi Vibez.

He also accused the fans of labelling him a murderer after a shooting incident between the singer and a newly-wedded couple at Obi Cubana’s club in Lagos last year

Explaining what caused his late performance, Burna stated that the type of organisational structure and infrastructure he needed wasn’t available. He further revealed plans to build a world-class music infrastructure in Nigeria.

Daniel Regha’s reaction to Burna Boy’s apology

Reacting to Burna Boy’s apology, Daniel Regha points out that the former’s apology is scripted and half-baked.

According to Daniel, the ‘Last Last’ crooner didn’t apologize for cursing his fans while noting that every artiste hides under the shadow of technical issues for starting shows late.

He tweeted: Burna apologized to Lagos fans over lateness, stating that it was due to technical errors (same scr!pted excuse all artistes use), but he didn’t apologize for cursing fans or underrating Nigerians on stage; It says a lot. That’s not a sincere apology, it’s just damage control.

Daniel Regha says Burnaboy’s quest for international recognition would get him trapped

Kemi Filani recalls that Daniel Regha issued a piece of advice to Burna Boy following his international recognition.

Regha’s advice came following the pictures and videos posted on Instagram by American DJ, record executive, and record producer, Khaled Mohammed Khaled, better known as DJ Khaled.

In the now-deleted post, DJ Khaled shared pictures and videos of himself and Burna Boy hanging out at his crib. The first video shows the two stars at the dining. DJ Khaled could be heard telling his chef to bring lobsters for the African giant.

He also shared a picture of Burna Boy’s recording, followed by a muted video of himself and Burna Boy dancing to what is believed to be their newly recorded song.

Daniel Regha’s reaction

Reacting to the pictures, Regha said Burna Boy is a good singer however, he needs to take things slow with international recognition. He noted that not every collaboration is worth it.

Issuing a stern warning, he told Burna Boy to be careful so that he won’t be lured into a bad group that allegedly exists.

He wrote,

“Burna is a great artiste, but he needs to slow down on his quest for international recognition; Not every collab is worth it. I do hope he knows what he’s doing cos the !lluminati is very real, right before our very eyes & it takes very little to get ! nitiated. No offense”.

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