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“My husband and I didn’t have properties in our house because I would wreck it” Chacha Eke opens up on mental illness (Video)



Chacha Eke mental illness

Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani has become a proud advocate for mental illness following her battle with B!polar.

The talented screen goddess during one of her outreach for mental illness, recounted how she would always destroy properties in her house.

According to her, she and her husband didn’t have any property because she would always destroy them during her man!c episodes.

Chacha recounted an ugly experience in Enugu at Rit Hotel, where she smashed everything, wrecked the whole hotel, and reduced everything her family had to only what they were wearing.

Two years later, she repeated the same incident which led to being hospitalized where she was eventually diagnosed and given drugs which she would always flush in the toilet.

“To be frank if the disorder that I have been battling with didn’t sufficiently disgrace me to the point that it has, chances are I won’t be here championing.

My psychiatrist was my biggest nightmare, I wish I could kill him because it was him for the first time after years of man!c episodes, after years of violence, it was from his mouth I heard the name of what was wrong with me and I was pained.

I felt an ugly experience in Enugu in the Rit Hotel where I smashed everything, wrecked the whole hotel, and reduced everything that my family had to only what we were wearing. I went untreated.

Two years we came to Asaba and I had another man!c. This time I wrecked the whole house. It was a habit, at some point we didn’t have house properties because it was only a matter of months before I wreck it.

He took me to FDAH and after some days, he came and gave me the verdict, the diagnosis. I didn’t like taking drugs so I flushed them down the toilet when they discharged me. I had another relapse and they put me back in the hospital”.

I’ve destroyed household properties and equipment at different times’ – Chacha Eke

Recall that Chacha Eke Fanni said something similar while reacting to a mental case.

The mother of four said she recognized herself in a boy who destroyed his mother’s house.

Chacha Eke-Faani while reacting to the viral video of the damage a boy did to his mother’s house in a fit of rage, made some shocking revelations.

The initial reports claimed the boy is 12 and he destroyed properties in his mother’s house because his phone was seized.

The boy’s mother later spoke up to clear the air. She said her son is 15 and has a mental health crisis.

Reacting to the video, actress Chacha said she “recognizes” herself in the boy because she has done the same thing the boy did.

She added that she destroyed properties and damaged many items when she was having a mental health crisis.

“I have watched the viral video of the 12-year-old boy who literally wrecked his mum’s house because she seized his phone. Here I am making this video, hoping that somehow this video will get to the mother of the boy. Contrary to the popular opinion in the comment section of the video, all I have to tell you is that your son is sick. He is mentally unstable. He has a mental imbalance. I know this because I recognize myself in your son through his actions. I have wrecked household properties, equipment, damaged all sorts, different times; material and immaterial,” she said.

Chacha Eke opens up on her mental struggle with her mother

Just a few days back, Chacha Eke spilled on how her mental health challenge affected her relationship with her mother.

While celebrating her mother’s birthday, Chacha reflected on how she had disdain and hatred for her mother as she got older.

She revealed that she had nightmares and hallucinations that supported her euphoria and sadly many men of God told her after several man!c episodes that her mother was after her life.

And so, she went about wishing her mother death, until she discovered that she had dysfunctional thought patterns and beliefs that switches her most favorite to her least favorite.