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“You’re a single mom not because you choose to be one” Bimpe Akintunde writes touching letter to single mothers

Bimpe Akintunde letter to single mothers

Nollywood actress, Bimpe Akintunde has penned a touching letter to single mothers.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Bimpe told them to take it easy on themselves and give themselves a break.

She noted how no one chooses to be a single mom, hence, why they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves.

Encouraging them, she told them to always be positive, work harder, pray harder, and never give up.

Hailing them, she crowned them the real-life Queen and assured them they will smile again.

“Letter to All Single Mothers.

Dear single moms,
Take it easy on you!!!
Give yourself time!!!
You are a single mom not because you choose to be one!!
Shit happens!!!
That’s not the end of the world!!
Life goes on!!
Better days are coming!!!!
Always stay positive!!!
Work hard!!!
Pray Harder!!!
Don’t ever give up!!!
You are not a failure!!!
You are Powerful!!!
You are extremely strong!!
You are highly responsible.
You are a real-life Queen.
Adjust your crown Queen.
You will smile again!!!
To every single mom that fall victim to circumstance and was left to shoulder.
Responsibilities of two ppl Alone!! May you All receive help from above.
To every single mom that is A True Lover and Always hoping and praying to be married. May Almighty Allah send you A very Good and Intentional Man.
Every Single Mother out there is my WCW Today. I celebrate your Strength, Endurance, and perseverance. Pls, note that not all single moms end up like that because they are Wayward!!!!! OLUWA A BA WA SEGUN ADAGBE ADAFA”.

Bimpe Akintunde letter to single mothers

This isn’t the first time Bimpe Akintunde has penned a note to single mothers.

Bimpe Akintunde pens powerful note to single mothers

Weeks back, Bimpe Akintunde had penned a powerful note to single mothers.

The Yoruba actress in a lengthy note on her Instagram page, revealed that she has been a single mother to her daughter for 8 years and hasn’t been in a relationship for close to two years.

For her, it isn’t because she is ugly or the worst woman, but because she cuts off any relationship that isn’t working or adding value to her life.

She admitted that being single sucks but it’s not the end of the world and she has learned to trust God.

Bimpe Akintunde encouraged others to be like her and cut off any relationship that doesn’t add value to her life.

How I cried when my daughter told me to get married so she can have a father” Bimpe Akintunde recounts as she marks daughter’s birthday

In a recent post, while celebrating her daughter, Princess Amida’s birthday, Bimpe recounted how her daughter left her teary-eyed with her request for a father figure.

Bimpe narrated how her daughter would constantly tell her to get married and would always tell her aunty, (Bimpe’s sister) of her desire to have a father figure.

She revealed that she was devastated by her statement and would cry, complain and lament as all her efforts were proving abortive.

The Yoruba star added that her daughter would constantly pester her for younger siblings and her response was for her daughter to pray to God.

Fast forward to now, her daughter already has a father figure in her husband and she is grateful for their bond.

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