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‘At 30 I was dead broke, living in my mum’s house’ Actress Mary Njoku’s husband Jason reveals

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Iroko TV boss Jason Njoku, the husband of Nollywood actress Mary, has cautioned many young Nigerians who are always eager to achieve a specific feat before they clock ‘age 30’.

In a post shared on the microblogging platform Twitter, the Nigerian entrepreneur opined that the pressure for less than 30 years to succeed is very strange.

Jason Njoku said at ‘age 30’ he was very broke and still living in her mother’s house.

According to the media personality, all he had in his life then was just his second-hand laptop and ten Iroko TV failures to his name, but that did not stop him from enjoying his life.

He wrote: The pressure for <30 years to succeed these days is so strange. So unnecessary. At 30, I was dead broke living in my mum’s house. No girlfriend & Zero assets. Just me my 2nd hand desktop & @irokotv 10 failures to my name but the man did I enjoy those early years in the world. Enjoy sha.

Kemi Filani News recalls that Jason Njoku took to social media to brag about his children school fees.

This came after a concerned parent shared a photo of a school fee scheme in Lagos, asking other parents if such a tremendous amount for school fees is worth much.

Reacting to the tweet, the 39-year-old and father of three revealed education in Africa is cheap, and school fees of 4-5m is not a big problem.

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