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Why Iroko TV boss, Jason Njoku, won’t be leaving any money for his children

Iroko TV Boss, Jason Njoku, made a public service announcement recently. According to the Nigerian entrepreneur, film magnate, he won’t be leaving any for his children. This he stated while reacting to Nairabet CEO’s, Akin Alabi, tweet.

10 years ago, I thought that if I had what I have today, I wouldn’t worry about money ever again. Today, my money worries are so much that I can’t think straight sometimes. I need money like mad.

Reacting to the tweet, Jason Njoku tweeted;

When I was broke I had all these things I wanted to do when I had money. Now i’m not broke I literally do non of them. I actually find money a burden. I plan to give away most of it before I die. Kids are getting $0.00. They can manage with a good education and their parents.

The  film magnate also reacted to a Facebook message, in which someone claimed he was shown a revelation about him. The person behind the message, further claimed that spiritual attacks from his (Jason Njoku) enemies, were working against his (Jason Njoku) blessing. The message reads;

 Reacting to the Facebook message, Jason Njoku tweeted;

From Facebook ‘God showed me a revelation, concerning you, i saw favor from God on you, behind that, i saw spiritual attacks from the enemies, working on holding such blessing, working on destroying the work of your hand.’ My village people have come for me.

Recall that 1111money-is-a-burden-i-wont-leave-any-for-my-kids-iroko-tv-boss-jason-njoku/”>Njoku recently wrote on his medium page and shared how Mary, his wife had always loved storytelling and wanted to end up behind the camera rather than in front of it. According to him…

She had struggled to get roles in Nollywood, he wrote; producers saw her as a waka pass and not a lead character.

Even after marriage, producers had advised she stopped working. She had married a rich man, they said.

With time on her hands, she ventured into storytelling, creating the tv show ‘Festac Town.’

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