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“What big celebrity doesn’t celebrate their wedding publicly” Anita Brown drags Davido over his marriage to Chioma

Anita Brown drags Davido over marriage to Chioma

Anita Brown, a US-based entrepreneur and alleged pregnant side chick of Davido, has dragged Davido over his quick marriage to Chioma.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Anita questioned which celebrity gets married without having an elaborate wedding.

She noted how Davido and Chioma weren’t together in 2022 and now by 2023, they are married and he also welcomed a second child with his second baby mama.

Slamming those criticizing her for sleeping with a married man, Anita stated that she never knew Davido was married until recently.

The swimwear entrepreneur revealed that she confessed her sins to God and believes He has forgiven her.

Anita added that her affair with Davido wasn’t private, as there is footage of them in Miami in May.

“He just got married in 2023. To someone, he wasn’t within 2022. And he has a second baby from his SECOND baby’s mother in May 2023.

What big celeb doesn’t celebrate their wedding publicly?
Where is the public wedding?
Oh ok! STFU.
Stop playing with my head top”.

“I literally came out about sleeping with a man that only for a month I knew was married. What would I gain from that? I confessed one of my deepest sins to y’all! One that I spent weeks on speaking to God. One that I told God, I’m gonna speak on it. Forgive me. But I can’t hold it in no more.
I showed y’all all the messages of me expressing how I felt about knowing what I involved myself.
In lol.
Y’all are just evil and delusional and ignorant. I will never let y’all play with my head top.

And y’all keep saying we slept together privately but now I’m speaking publicly. No babe! It’s mad footage of us in Miami in May, cause I look that good. I’m a very great accessory as much as y’all call me ugly, I dress my ass off. I have all the materials. A man that likes that is into so much material. He wants to show me off to the extreme. Nobody goes out with me & hides me. I’ma big look, I’m a big deal”.

Anita Brown drags Davido over marriage to Chioma

This isn’t the first time, Anita Brown has slammed Davido over his marriage.

Anita Brown faults Davido and Chioma over their ‘quick’ marriage

The swimwear entrepreneur had, in the past weeks, described the singer’s marriage as fake as she claimed they didn’t honor God.

She pointed out how the couple got married based on tribal rules and how Davido has no intention of being committed.

Anita vowed to spill the alleged conversation Davido and his cousin, who she didn’t reveal his identity, were having about Chioma and her dead son.

“Give that fake marriage a break! They didn’t honor God! Marriage for money, marriage based on tribal rules, and marriage where the husband has no intention of being committed! Pathetic. Embarrassing. Shame on y’all”.

Would you have married Chioma if your son didn’t die” Anita Brown quizzes Davido

Also, in a series of tweets, Anita questioned if Davido would have married Chioma, if not for their son’s death.

She stated that the singer always gets bad luck because he is the devil and he sacrificed his son for rituals.

Anita noted how despite his son’s death, Davido was having sex with a bunch of different women and was demanding the intercourse be raw.

She slammed those who look up to Davido as a role model, as she slammed the singer for being an irresponsible father, hence why his son died.

The entrepreneur alleged that Davido called Chioma man!c and questioned if she was supposed to feel sympathy for the singer.

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