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Alibaba advises Christians on seeking solutions using prayer

Comedian Alibaba has advised Christians against the idea of using prayer to solve every problem.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Everything is not solved by prayer. Don’t be deceived.

If you are filthy and need a bath, pray from now till tomorrow, if you no baff, you go still dey smell.

If you are starving, prayer will not make you jollof rice.

If you are thirsty, grab some water.

If the fuel in your car finishes, you branch a petrol station and buy gas. Period

If armed robbers are shooting sporadically, you run for safety.

If you have an exam, you read and prepare for it.

If the church generator is bad, you collect money and buy it.

If you are jobless, you go find work or create one.

If NEPA takes the light, you go turn the generator, or your inverter kicks in, or you stay in the dark.

If you are going to Abuja, you go buy an airline ticket, jump on a train, take a ride… or you kuku trek.

If you do not like what is going on in the church do something, not pray. Jesus did something when he saw that his father’s house had been commercialized.

If it has passed #BeCareful it has passed #PrayerIsTheKey

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