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After being dragged for underpaying graduates, Actress Mary Njoku attributes her success to madness

Nollywood actress Mary Njoku has attributed her success in life to some dose of insanity.

The actress disclosed this during a word exchange between a fan on her Instagram page.

The actress who recently was dragged by netizens for underpaying their staff after her husband said spending two to four million Naira for a child’s school fees is not a big deal took to her Instagram page to throw a subtle shade.

According to the actress, in life, whatever situation being dealt with is not fair or even because losers focus on the winner and winners focus on winning.

An Instagram user who reacted to the post advised the actress to portray some professionalism and stop shading people over minor issues.

Responding to the Instagram user, the Nollywood actress said there is no professionalism on her page as she has gone far in life with a sufficient madness dose.

Mary Njoku: Loser focus on winners and winners focus on winning.
Life no fit balance. choose your position with your full chest and wallow in it.

Kim.amolu wrote: As professional, you should maintain decorum… silent is golden. Stop shading people bacause of the issues y’all had.

Mary Njoku replied: @kim.amolu this is not a professional page. And unfortunately, I am less busy today. And trust me, i far in life without a sufficient dose of madness. We are all Nigerians Las Las.

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