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Mc Oluomo’s side chick Ehi Ogbebor blows hot after a school requested both parents’ presence before her daughter is offered admission

Ehi Ogbebor shows off lover dancing

Interior designer and Mc Oluomo’s side chick Ehi Ogbebor has lamented her ordeal in finding a good kindergarten for her toddler.

In searching for a school, the interior designer took to her social media page to share her encounter with a school that requested both parents’ presence before her daughter is offered admission.

According to Ehi Ogbebor, some schools in Nigeria are requesting so much, unlike the schools in western countries.

Ehi Ogbebor also slammed the school administrative officer, saying he/she is fortunate that the message was communicated via email, adding she would have acted otherwise if she told at physically.

See the conversation below:

Ceosyavathinterior_and_hotel: madam can’t wait to sta school.. two schoo interview and am not satisfied… on had the audacity to say no
admission until both parents are jointly interview…hiss..referrals for good kindergarden school needed…end of the video got me LMAO

Essentialsdirect: Even abrpad they don’t interview parents oooo Naija which way…consent form for the child
to attend schoo is all that is needed…smdh.

Ceosyavathinterior_and_hotel: very useless tafia admin.

Gabmisnow_kidcollection: some school de over do o which one is interview both parents. while
this princess is totallyadorable.

Ceosyavathinterior_and_hotel: @Gabmisnow_kidcollection they are crazy…this days o single mon representing hard… sent via email.. i wish
it was said to my face… hisss.

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