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Actress Anita Joseph and her husband give befitting response to critics who expect their marriage to fold up

Anita Joseph and husband

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph Olagunju and her husband, Fisayo Olagunju, known as MC Fish, have given a befitting response to critics who expect their marriage to fold up.

The actress shared a video of herself and her husband dancing heartily in response to rumours making rounds that they are having issues in their relationship.

Kemi Filani recalls that trolls attacked Anita Joseph’s marriage when she sympathized with her colleague, Chacha Eke’s failed marriage.

Also, other reports have emerged online with claims that Anita joseph and MC Fish are having troubles in their relationship.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Antia Joseph claimed the mocking dance was her response to haters who said her marriage wouldn’t last.

She wrote: Our Response to people who say our marriage won’t last.

Following this, Antia Joseph’s fans took to her comment section to pray for a lasting marriage.

mzzy_peace: But seriously i dont understand, why will someone wish their fellow human evil.. heavenly father please me i love love o, and i love good things.

Nasaskincarebeautyservices: I love this . Give them

vivian.richgirl: What do you want to achieve with this oppression eehhh Anita… I love you jor

iamfunkeetti_fanpage: Give them this particular one don last already

viviandion: Your marriage will last in Jesus name. those waiting for your marriage to fail will wait till eternity , the more they look the less they see

Kemi Filani recalls that Anita Joseph cleared her haters and critics on how she wanted her husband to be.

The controversial curvy actress shared a goofy video of herself and her husband on Instagram, jamming to a lively hip-hop song.

She captioned the video with a message describing the type of husband she wanted and how God granted her request.

She wrote: Oh my dear husband if I no marry you who o for marry”
I never wanted a boring man for a husband and God gave me what I really wanted.
Oya your favourites are here use dis one hold body.

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