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“I can’t make any personal decision without my husband’s approval” Anita Joseph cries out

Anita Joseph complains about her husband's disapproval of cutting her hair

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has vented out her frustration at her husband, Fisayo Olagunju.

The actress noted how she has to seek his approval before making any decision in her life.

According to her, she has always nursed the idea of cutting her hair because of her lack of front hairs but her husband wouldn’t approve it.

She stated that if her husband doesn’t approve, there is no way she can cut the hair.

Anita added that this is one of the disadvantage of being married.

“I really want to cut my hair but hubby won’t approve chaiiii. See my front hair na. Hubby approve pappy just say Yesss. If he doesn’t approve I can’t cut my hair chai marriage OMG”.

_____Kemi Filani news recalls Anita Joseph had received accolades from social media users over a surprise birthday organised for her husband, MC Fish.

Anita Joseph’s husband had celebrated his birthday earlier this week, and she decided to throw a surprise birthday party for him.

Some Nollywood stars, friends and family members turned up for the surprise birthday party, and MC Fish was excited.

The video shared on her Instagram page captured Anita Joseph’s husband amazed at the number of people who had come to celebrate him.

This generated reactions online as netizens gush over the couple, pointing out that Anita Joseph is a caring and lovely woman.

Anita Joseph cries out over her husband refusal to allow her cut her hair
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