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Actor Bryan Okwara reacts after a follower slammed him for raising funds for Rico

Rico's death

Nollywood star, Bryan Okwara has reacted after a follower called him out for raising funds for  Big Brother Naija Housemates Rico Swavey before his painful death.

Recall that Rico Swavey had sustained injuries aftermath of a road accident in the Lekki/ Ajah area of Lagos state.

However, Rico Swavey passed on in the early hours of Thursday, October 13, hours after another BB Naija, Tobi Bakre started the Campaign to raise fund for his treatment. 

Before his demise, Bryan Okwara had joined his colleagues to raise funds for his treatments when a folloer called him and other celebrities out for raising funds instead of using their wealth to save their friend.

‘So with all the money you all have you still need help from the public to save another rich friend.’ The follower wrote.

Reacting Bryan Okwara who found the statement distasteful wrote:

@itz_khasi Somebodys child has been in a coma at the hospital for 2 days?????!!! You mean to tell me that the first thing that crossed ur mind!?? After seeing this!!?? was the show of wealth and social status??? For real??????

Nigerians react to the heartbreaking video

One Stanbnx wrote, “Taking a photo of a Dying patient? Those nurses and the hospital should be questioned and arrested. This is annoying

One Commy Smart wrote, “Kai!! We insult the government daily but just look at a fellow Nigerian, Name of hospital please? So that even to buy panadol, my descendants and I will never make the mistake of entering them!!!

Hardebayo wrote, “Unprofessional….we have a long wat to go… healthcare legal framework needs to be implemented in Nigerian. It’s saves lives to prioritize

Domingo Losp wrote, “Pray not to be in a critical state health wise in this country. You’ll know how redundant the medical system here can be

Em Teeq wrote, “Here in Nigeria, I don’t know why the health system is very poor, they act like people who don’t have conscience

Omolabambam wrote, “Until they start holding this medical people responsible for there actions nothing is going to change

Mr Daddy wrote, “Why is he not in an operation bed? He would have survived if it was in America. The amount of people who die in that country from negligence and incompetence is unbelievable and sad.

Stephanny xx wrote, “Don’t ever pray to be at the mercy of a Nigerian health care facility”.

Rico Swavey involved in fatal accident

Rico Swavey had been confirmed died following a fatal accident on Tuesday, October 11.

His co-reality star, Alex Unusual, had announced the news to the world.

She stated that the doctors were trying to resuscitate Rico Swavey as of the time she left the hospital.

Alex further asked fans to put Rico Swavey in their prayers, as he was in a critical position.

She also said that she was staying positive concerning the sad occurrence, as she also shared a screenshot of the tweet on her Instagram story.

Alex, however, did not state where the accident occurred or how it happened.

Rico Swavey is dead

Unfortunately, the reality star couldn’t survive it, as he kicked the bucket.

His co-star, Tobi Bakre announced his demise on Thursday morning, October 13th.

Taking to his Instagram page, Tobi Bakre shared a photo of him and the deceased as he revealed that he would use the picture to remember him.

“This is how I will remember us brother. Forever”.

Many Big Brother Naija reality stars and celebrities from different entertainment industry have paid tribute to him.

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