Milo Arthur Johnson biography: All you need to know about Boris Johnson’s children

Boris Johnson's children

Milo Arthur Johnson biography: All you need to know about Boris Johnson’s children

Boris Johnson is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and happens to be a world leader with children from different women.

He has six children, and one of them is Milo Arthur, his first son and second eldest child.

We have decided to do some digging about Arthur, and below is what we found.

Profile summary
Full name: Milo Arthur Johnson
Date of birth: 1995 Age: 26 years
Place of birth: London, England

Milo Arthur Johnson biography

He is from London, England and was born into one of the prestigious family in the world. His father is Boris Johnson, a popular politician in the UK and the country’s current prime minister. His mother is Marina Wheeler. However, his parent went their separate ways in 2018.

How old is Boris Johnson child?

While there are no details about the date he was born, the available information only provided the year 1995. This means he clocked 26 this year.

Milo attended the Westminster School and played football and cricket during his stay in the school.

He later went to London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, where he graduated in 2014.


Milo’s life has been kept very private, and little is known about what he currently does, but the report revealed that he at some point did an internship at Esquire Middle East magazine in Dubai for five months.

He would most likely be into something related to art or sport, which was considered one of his vital areas.

Milo Arthur Johnson siblings

Apart from Milo, Boris has five other children, and they are;

1. Lara Lettice, who is the eldest of Boris Johnson’s children. She was born in 1993 to Boris and Marina. Which means she and Milo are of the same parents.

2. Cassia Peaches, who is the third born of the family and also shares the same parent with Milo and Lettice. Unlike Milo, Peaches went to Highgate School in North London.

3. Theodore Apollo Theodore is the last child Marina had with Boris before they went their separate ways in 2018. Apollo is a student at Cambridge University.

4. Stephanie Stephanie, who was born in 2009 to Boris and art consultant Helen Macintyre.

The reports revealed that Boris, at some points, denied being the child’s father. However, things took a new turn after his relationship with Helen was revealed after a court battle in 2013 when Boris sought an injunction to prevent her existence from being exposed.

5. Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas, born on 29 April 2020 to Boris and his fiancée Carrie Symonds.

He is the youngest of Boris’ children.

These are details we could dig into about Milo Arthur as he lives a very private life away from the media.

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