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Joelinton net worth, age, nationality, current team, biography, who is Joelington’s girlfriend?



Joelinton net worth

Joelinton net worth, age, nationality, current team, biography, who is Joelington’s girlfriend?

Joelinton Cássio Apolinário de Lira, the 27-year-old Brazilian football sensation, has been making waves in the football world. Born on August 14, 1996, in Alianca, Brazil, he has become a prominent figure in the world of sports. In this article, we’ll delve into Joelinton’s age, his career, achievements, and personal life.

Joelinton Profile Summary

Full NameJoelinton Cássio Apolinário de Lira
Birth Date14th August 1996
Age (as of 2023)27 years old
BirthplaceAlianca, Brazil
Current ResidenceDarras Hall, Northumberland
EthnicityBrazilian Latino
Height in Feet6’1″
Height in Centimeters186 cm
Weight in Kilograms81 kg
Weight in Pounds178 lbs
Hair ColourBlonde with black on the sides
ParentsSilvania (mother) and Jorge (father)
Marital StatusNot married
GirlfriendThay Gondim
ChildrenAson and daughter

Joelington Biography: Unveiling the Life of a Brazilian Football Star

In the world of football, there are talents that shine brightly, captivating fans worldwide. Joelinton Cássio Apolinário de Lira, known simply as Joelington, is one such star. Born on August 14th, 1996, in Aliança, Brazil, Joelington’s journey from his hometown to the global stage is nothing short of remarkable.

Early Life and Background

Joelington’s roots trace back to the vibrant culture of Brazil. His ethnicity is Brazilian-Latino, and he is a proud citizen of this beautiful country. His upbringing was deeply rooted in Christian values, a faith he still practices today. Born to Jorge and Silvania, he was raised in a loving and supportive family.

A Rising Star

Joelington’s football journey began at a young age when he joined Sport Recife in 2012. For two years, he honed his skills in the youth team before earning a place in the senior squad in 2013. His professional debut took place in a thrilling Copa do Nordeste encounter against his hometown rivals, Santa Cruz.

Physical Attributes: How tall is Joelinton?

Standing tall at 186 cm or 6’1″ and weighing 81 kg or 178 lbs, Joelinton possesses the physical prowess that sets him apart on the football field.

Joelinton Career Highlights

Joelinton’s professional career took off when he signed with Newcastle in 2019. The signing saw him commit to a 6-year contract, a testament to the club’s faith in his abilities. Reports suggest that he earns a substantial $33 million, with an annual salary of $5.5 million and a weekly income of $105,844.

Before joining Newcastle, Joelinton played for Bundesliga club Hoffenheim, where he showcased his skills in 36 games, scoring 11 goals and providing nine assists between 2015 and 2019. This impressive performance played a significant role in attracting the attention of Newcastle United.

Joelinton’s statistics in the Premier League speak volumes about his prowess as an attacking midfielder. His consistent performances have earned him recognition and a place in top clubs in Europe. While it took Eddie Howe’s guidance to unlock his full potential, Joelinton’s quality on the field was never in doubt.

Scoring Streak

The Brazilian striker has been a prolific scorer for Newcastle. His journey with the club started as a center forward, facing initial struggles. However, under the guidance of Eddie Howe, he found his true calling as an attacking midfielder, leading to a significant improvement in his performance.

Personal Life: Who is Joelington’s girlfriend?

Joelinton’s personal life is as intriguing as his football career. His girlfriend, Thay Gondim, has been his partner since their teenage years. She has devoted herself to being a full-time mother to their two children, a son born in January 2017 and a daughter born in October 2020. Gondim, born on June 15, 1998, is currently 25 years old as of September 2023.

Joelinton’s Legal Troubles

In January 2022, Joelinton faced legal troubles when he was charged with drunk driving. The incident involved a breathalyzer test during a late-night encounter with the police in the Ponteland Road area while he was en route to his home in Darras Hall, Northumberland.

Joelinton Net worth

How much is Joelinton net worth? His net worth stands at nearly €27.5 million (£24.9 million), with an estimated market value of approximately €35 million (£31.6 million).


Joelinton’s age is just one aspect of his fascinating journey in the world of football. From his humble beginnings in Brazil to becoming a key player for Newcastle United, his story is one of determination and perseverance. With a supportive family and the talent to match, Joelinton continues to be a prominent figure in the footballing world.

  1. What is Joelinton’s current age? Joelinton is 26 years old as of January 2023.
  2. How many goals has Joelinton scored for Newcastle? Joelinton has scored 17 goals for Newcastle as of January 21, 2023.
  3. Who is Joelinton’s girlfriend? Joelinton’s girlfriend is Thay Gondim, who has been with him since their teenage years.
  4. Has Joelinton faced any legal issues? Yes, Joelinton was charged with drunk driving in January 2022.
  5. Where did Joelinton play before joining Newcastle United? Before joining Newcastle, Joelinton played for Bundesliga club Hoffenheim, where he had a successful stint, scoring 11 goals and providing nine assists between 2015 and 2019.