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Nothing wrong kissing fellow men – Felix Ugo Omokhodion

Felix Ugo Omokhodion

Nigerian actor and filmmaker Felix Ugo Omokhodion has expressed his strong passion for making movies.
In an interview with Saturday Sun, Omokhodion, whose career began in 2006 after auditioning for the AIT hit TV series “One Love,” claims he is willing to kiss a fellow man in a movie as a professional who has no limits in displaying his creativity.

Hear him, “Why would reject a movie role? I don’t reject roles. I love to see what I can do to every character that comes my way. I can play gay roles too; I am an actor; I was trained for that. Expect the production is not ready to shoot. I am open to playing any role on earth. Kissing a guy in a movie is also not out of the way; acting is my passion, so I’m committed to giving it my best. In Nigeria, homosexuality is against the law; however, when I am on set, I assume a character that is not Felix anymore and do what I have to do. “

Felix Omokhodion also clearly stated that he is not willing to exit the make-believe field anytime soon, became, ” acting doesn’t have a retiring age. Even inside the Coffin, you are acting. Acting is a life career. It never gets old, but one thing you can do is to spread your tentacles; try your hands on some other aspects of filmmaking. Like myself, I am also into movie production. You need to explore other options, acting, directing, producing.”

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