You are my first and my last! NJ and Ugo’s love story would melt your heart #MeetTheUdus(photos)

NJ’s cute puppy face caught Ugo’s attention and the rest they say is history. After using the most popular pick up line by guys” I think we have met before ” Ugo and NJ are set to walk down the aisle after three years of courtship. Captured by Felix crown Ugo and NJ slayed their prewedding shoot perfectly.

Read their beautiful love story as narrated by the couple below 👇

How We Met
By the bride, NJ

Ugo and I met back in November 2016, while attending a wedding. I was having a conversation with a friend when suddenly Ugo stood next to me and said “ I think I have met you before” I thought to myself what a typical Nigerian pick line. However, I realized that he was right and we had crossed paths before. That moment started something for me that has changed the course of my life, and as time went on he worked his way into my heart and will be there till forevermore.

After three years worth of memories, and all we have been through together. I feel happy knowing that we have grown to become best friends and I can be myself without the possibility of being looked at differently. I know life will throw things at us beyond our control, however, if there’s one thing I have learned these past 3 years is with God on our side we will rise and always come out undefeated. Ugo, Words can never describe how much you mean to me. You are my first, You are last, You are my everything. I love you.

How we met By the Groom, Ugo

We found love! Teni and Seyi's cute pre wedding album

It was Nov 2016, I attended a friend’s wedding with a couple of friends. NJ caught my attention owing to familiarity and of-course her cute puppy face! I struck the first words, “ You look familiar, like we have met before “, Cliche! Lol. From then on, the rest was history, almost 3 years together as a couple. Our journey hasn’t always been “taking the nice walk on the beach”. However, we are growing together each day- evolving past trivial matters and learning to forgive, looking towards a brighter future.

NJ will always be the right choice! Because of her, I am better than I was yesterday, more understanding and learned what it truly is to LOVE and be LOVED. If there’s a problem, I’ll work on fixing it. If she needs my help, I got her. If she needs a shoulder to cry on, I’ll be there to hold her. If she needs to voice out her opinion/ideas, I’d be there to listen. Always and endless!

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