UNILORIN female student maltreated in security unit over dress code

A social media user, Omotanwa, @tannwa_ on Twitter, who is also a student of University of Ilorin, has exposed how she was recently maltreated for violating the school dress code.

Sharing a video of herself with a nose ring, she said “This is how I left home for school then UNILORIN ruined my day check next post.”

“Nose ring gone hair packed…and I’m in security unit,” She added.

The Nation reports the management on its website, listed prohibited ways of dressing. The school had warned that female students will no longer be allowed to wear heavy makeup or hair extensions.

The school also said male students must not weave their hair or sag their trousers.

“Female students should avoid among other things, wearing short, skimpy dress, skirts above the knee, tight trousers, see-through material, un-packed hair, fittings or hair attachment,” the notice read in part

The school noted that inappropriate mode of dressing will not be tolerated in the university environment (including lecture halls, library, laboratories, examination venues, seminar rooms, faculties and administrative building as well as in university vehicles).

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Many social media users especially Twitter, expressed mixed reactions over her dressing, many berated her for going against the school’s extant rules and regulations.

@Esteembehemoth said, “There’s this thing about when you get to Rome and how you should behave. You’re in Unilorin, dress as their dress code permits.

“But twitter people will tell you you’re now a victim instead of calling you exactly what you are – A law breaking student.”

@kofoworola_A said, “Unilorin officers were catching females with nose rings and colored/long hair saying it’s not allowed…This school is fucked up”

@Itschristy_ “That girl that wore nose ring wey dress code catch, if you know her you better tell her to put down that post. It’s all over Unilorin blogs on IG. A word is a enough for the wise…. the rule is the rule irrespective of what you people are telling her on Twitter.

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@Omokehinde___ said, “I was posted to Unilorin during my service year. I had a female corper who is my very close friend from camp. The first day of resumption, I held her and we were taking a walk in school when security told us we are not allowed to hold each other because it is a school premises.”

@osebrainwave said, “Where there’s no law, there’s no offense. The law of the school is against your today’s outfit so face it for breaking the law. A lot of tweeps here won’t tell u d truth. Dere re oda schools that permits ur outfit. If you can’t abide by the rules of Unilorin then change ur school.

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