Nigerian man bites off his wife’s ear in Niger (graphic)

A married woman, Dorcas Uange, has lost her right ear after her husband of 17 years, Aduku Sunny White, bit it off during a heated argument at their home situated at Kaduna road back of Zuma barracks in Suleja, Niger state on August 28.

Sharing the sad incident, the daughter of the victim, Agatha, a student of Federal Polytechnic in Bida said her mom and her stepfather, Aduku Sunny White, have been wedded for over 17 years. Her mother is the third wife of Mr. Aduku and they have three children together. Agatha stated that her mom had her from a previous relationship before she got married to Mr. Aduku who is a traditional doctor.

Trouble started when after a recent quarrel they had, Mr. Aduku called his brother and directed him to throw her out of his house and allegedly threatened to severe his relationship with his brother if he doesn’t do his bidding

” My mum and my stepfather had some issues and so I went to stay with the brother who is a pastor living in town. He called the brother and asked the brother to send me out of his house and that if he still wants to remain his brother, he should chase me out of the house. The brother had no option, he gave me some money and asked me to leave.

When my mother heard that my stepfather asked his brother to send me away from his house, she said she cannot sleep in his own house and be eating while she doesn’t know where I was. She had to leave the house so she can look for me. She had other children with him so she left them with him so she can look for me.
Meanwhile, I looked for a one-room apartment at Dantata area. My mum said she would come and join me. When she told my stepfather that she was going to look for me, he told her that if she goes out, she should never come back into his house. My mum said yes it is better, she will go.
When she came to meet me, she started looking for work because for the past 17 years they have been married, he stopped her from working and going to school. He just wants her to sit at home doing nothing and if she asks him for money, he will insult her even in the presence of people.” she said

Agatha said her stepfather began calling everyone in their family, accusing her of leaving his home and abandoning their three children with him.

She told newsmen, that her stepfather was so enraged that he allegedly took her photo and that of her mother’s, did a voice note claiming they were both lesbians and that they absconded from his house to practise lesbianism. Agatha claimed he posted the voice note with their photos on his Whatsapp status and it was seen by many people who downloaded it and started sharing it.

”He took our picture, did voice note and wrote some things, claiming that we were Lesbians. He alleged that I initiated my mother into Lesbianism. He posted it on Whatsapp, looked for my friends and schoolmates and shared it” she said

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