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Journalist reveals what ladies should stop doing to avoid rape

As Nigerians continue to air their voice against rape, a sports journalist, Deji, has advised that ladies also need to be cautioned to avoid becoming a victim of rape.

In a series of tweets, Deji warned ladies against spending the night in a guy’s house because such could lead to rape.

He also stated that rapists are sociopaths and serial killers who “go from one victim to another”.

He tweeted: ‘I condemn rape and any form of sexual harassment. But let’s not fail to advise our girls not to be stupid. To reduce the rate of rape cases, put it straight, if you keep passing the nights in men’s houses or hotel rooms, you’re gonna be raped, don’t be stupid!!

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“All these stupid stories of clubbing till 3 am, then following a man to pass the night at his house or hotel rooms after clubbing and drinking should not be coming up again, they’re stupid!! Let’s make rape cases believable and easy to tackle head-on without doubts!!

“I still insist that every confirmed rapist, not those falsely accused, those confirmed cases, the rapist should be castrated forever!! This will put automatic stop to RAPE!! Then fear of losing your penis won’t let you do anyhow!!!

“MOST OF THESE RAPISTS ARE SOCIOPATHS, like serial killers, they go from one victim to another! Watch your movements and associations and avoid sleeping from one man’s house to another’s hotel room. Don’t be a victim!!! Atoto arere oo!!”.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    June 2, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    Kindly feed we your readers accurate and complete information. Some who are reading might not have come across the news before coming to your page and so, do well to keep us duly informed.
    There are many sports journalists by the name Deji, which one exactly? At least show pictorial evidences of the tweets, show us facts! Thank you

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