Bringing a baby into the world without a marriage is wicked – Reno Omokri


Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has said that rringing a baby into the world without a marriage is wicked.

Reno Omokri disclosed this in a tweet in which he lambasted baby mamas who think being one is a job.

He wrote: “Being a baby mama is not a job. If you want an income, go get a job, instead of getting pregnant. Bringing a baby into this world without a marriage, a stable home and a stable income, is a wicked thing to do. A child is not a means to a livelihood”.

@stanleyhyp reacted: Well said..I don’t understand why having a child for someone out of wedlock..then later they tag them or they tag themselves baby mama..sounds so low and worthless of them..I don’t understand how someone will call or make themselves baby mama.

@Tasteofafrica wrote: Same for baby daddy’s! Let them heed who, when & where they spread their seeds! There will be no baby mama’s if the seed of baby daddy’s weren’t carelessly planted. Let those who plant the seed nurture & care for their crops & stop dumping their responsibilities on baby mama’s



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