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What happened after a woman discovered that the lady she housed and fed is her husband’s side chick

Below is the narration of how a lady was housed by a married man in Abuja with his wife feeding and giving her monthly stipends.

It took months before the wife realized she was actually her husband’s side chick.


“Abuja married man that my friend was dating then, she later complained about her accommodation issues, the man told her to move in to his family house and occupy his boys quarters, she sef agreed, moved in and was at the boys quarters, man told his wife that she’s is his niece.
The wife was cooking and serving her husband’s mistress for 8 months. They were having sex in the same compound. When it was about to burst, God helped her that she got the information early enough and moved back to Benin. Wife was looking for her with soldiers in the whole abuja.
Did i add that the wife was giving her stipends? 30k monthly, wash her clothes with theirs together with washing machine etc. Lmao”.

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