Being with you is being happy! Zainab and Ibrahim’s colorful pre wedding pictures

Love happens anywhere, either you were expecting it or not, when it’s time, it will surely manifest.

Zainab and Ibrahim were definitely not expecting to meet their life partner the time they did, but as love would have it they met at Zainab’s send-off party.

Ibrahim as a man that he is made use of the opportunity to start a conversation, after several attempts, he had the beautiful Zainab in laughter all night.

Just as they say, the rest is now history as we joyfully count down to.#IBZA19

How We Met
By the bride, Zainab

It was the last night of my holiday with my sister in Nigeria and we were having a send-off meal with family. My cousin’s friend also joined us. As the night went on, this friend made several attempts to make conversation with me; I was playing hard to get, and he was being persistent. His persistence ended up paying off as he had me in laughter for the rest of the night. Long story short, my cousin’s friend turned into my best friend, my confidant, my protector and everything I didn’t know I needed. I am at my happiest and I look forward to our happily ever after.

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