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Rape Allegations: Buy your sons body camera – Laura Loomer


An investigative journalist, Laura Loomer has advised parents to place camera and other gadgets on their male children to avoid them falling victim to false rape allegation.

With the #MeToo movement going on in America where men are getting accused of rape with claims that it happened a long time, Laura feels such measures will be good to fight against the war against men.

She tweeted:

If you have a son, make sure you buy him a note pad, a body camera, & a recording device. Get him a battery pack too so he can always protect himself with video evidence of every single encounter he has with a woman. Men aren’t safe in America anymore. There is a war on men.

Crazy to see how many feminists have no problem with women falsely accusing men of rape… this is why you should not believe all women.

Actually, you should teach your daughters to be just like me because I don’t make fake rape accusations. I don’t falsely accuse men of rape & make up lies to ruin men’s lives. You don’t like me because I refuse to be a victim and I am actually responsible. I have self respect.


Police PRO, Frank Mba gives three reasons why most rapists go unpunished in Nigeria
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