God gave me my unexpected miracle after several heartbreaks – Tosin and Yemi

Gentle Is the touch of the hand of the lover…

Newly wed love birds, Tosin Oke and Yemi Sanni are our couple for the week!

Tosin Oke, the first daughter of  well renowned TREM’s Bishop Olu and Reverend Bolade
Oke got married last weekend to her “testimony”, Yemi Sanni, in a beautiful ceremony in Abeokuta.

occasion was graced by Bishop Mike Okonkwo of TREM, his wife, Bishop
Peace Okonkwo, and other notable men of God and dignitaries.

Read Tosin’s story below:

There would always be room for your hand in mine……

I used to be a very fearful person. I’d worry and be afraid for no
apparent reason. It began to eat into my relationships. I’d date without
really consulting God but would convince myself that I had prayed
through the relationship. At some point in my life, I knew I was living
below what God had planned for me, but hey! I was just moving on because
I didn’t want to be single. I was afraid. I just wanted to feel secure
and safe, and of course I wanted to get married. So that fear characterized my life and my relationships. 

I got lost in him, and it’s the kind of lost that’s exactly like being found…..

God was at work because he kept frustrating my efforts. He would
literally cause something to happen, something that I couldn’t repair
and the relationship would end. This went on for a while until sometime
last year, when I really got to the height of it. I was in a
relationship and things literally just crumbled before me and I was
like, “God really? He’s not a bad person. It was supposed to be a good

come to realise that the only people I need in my life are the ones who
need me in theirs even when I have nothing else to offer but myself….

He said, “Hey Tosin, you’re operating in fear and you’re
doing things for the wrong reasons. Getting married isn’t your problem.
Men are not your problem. You need to discover what I’ve told you to do
so that when I bring someone your way, you’ll recognize him and you’ll
know for sure this is who you should be with.” 

With you it’s different…….

So I went before God and was like, “Lord you know what? Even if I
never get married, I’m just going to love and serve you all the days of
my life. I don’t care about relationships; I just want to be that person
you want me to be.” 

You know you love someone if hugging them makes you fade away from everything else, even on your worst days……

This was what I was doing for the latter part of
last year. I just began to love God and felt a burden lift off of me. I
was free from fear.

I find that the most beautiful moments of life aren’t just with you, but because of you…..

I had no plans to get married this year and wasn’t
praying about it. It wasn’t in my prayer requests for the year. But the
most amazing thing happened when I wasn’t searching.


Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you!!

That special type of big smile.. when in the arms of the one you love..

 I met someone and
had peace about it. We got engaged in 6 months and it was a surprise to
so many and myself too. God needed to deal with all that fear, worry and
anxiety while I was single and he did.

I am up for anything, as long as I’m with you…..

I  remember asking Yemi Sanni on our first date “so what do you read ???” Lol! ? the rest is history …it’s amazing how books can connect two hearts!”

A close friend of the Bride, Sola wrote thus:

I am full of JOY because this one taught me that God does not respect
deadlines. In short, HE DOESN’T CARE. The difference between this time
last year and now is a gap no man can fill. This is GOD. It doesn’t have
to be popular demand, it just has to be purpose and it has to be God’s
idea and timing. It also doesn’t matter what people think or how many
failed relationships you have. Your life takes shape when you drop it
all at his feet.

 You cannot be deceiving
purpose. You have to live it and be true to your calling. This girl was
complete in him, chasing him, she no longer cared if she got married and
God just wanted her life to be more interesting. I remember vividly!
Kai! My sister is getting married and I will be right behind her as her
Matron of honour. Love you sis and this is happening for real! It’s late
by Man’s calendar but it couldn’t be more beautiful and perfect.

First photos from their wedding:



Photo @lypixphotography
Make up @oshewabeauty
Event planned by @baylaconcepts
Aso oke by @deroyalfabrics .
Beads by @rochem_iyaileke

Kemi Filani Blog wishes the lovebirds a happy married life!


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