KFB Movie Review: OC Ukeje and Ini Dima-okojie’s chemistry in ‘North East’ was everything and more

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Synopsis:  Emeka OC Ukeje is an Igbo Christian
Physiotherapist who falls in love with Hadiza Ini Dima -Okojie, his
Hausa patient who happens to be Muslim as well. The declaration of his
love to her father Musa (Gbenga Titiloye) leads him to face a vehement
opposition like never before. 

Not only because Musa strongly detests the
thought of his daughter marrying from another tribe but also because he
was also in a romantic relationship with Emeka’s mother (Caroline King)
and of course wasn’t ready to leave her for anything. The fight then
becomes, who will leave who for whom?

Starring: OC Ukeje, Ini Dima-okojie, Gbenga Titiloye, Saeed “Funky Mallam” Mohammed, Carol King, Sandra Stevenson, Belinda Yanga.

Verdict: You know I am a sucker for romantic movies so yea, I love it! It had me smiling and giggling all through, lol. The prevalent blend of culture,
language and love in this movie is simply drop dead amazing. I have
never enjoyed the Hausa language as much as I did in this movie! Love in Nollywood seems to be overflogged but with this movie, you will love ‘love’. You will want to fall in love (if you haven’t).

North East  is a fantastic movie with what might seem like your
everyday run of the mill Nollywood story-line, but turns out quickly to
be one story-line with a super serious twist up its sleeves that is an
intriguingly intense plot.

It parades some
seriously applaudable acting prowess; every single actor, was on top of
game in North East. OC Ukeje (the cute lover boy…the way he acted the love struck man in this movie ehn) and Ini played out their role as young lovers well, their chemistry was amazing. As a matter of fact, I’m impressed with Gbenga Titiloye (hadiza’s dad), his Hausa accent was totally on point! Caroline King’s laughter and giggling all through was unique too.

North East has a brilliant plot, great acting and a
torrent of laughter inducing awkwardness.

And then i loved the fact that it promoted ‘No-sex’ before marriage, they waited till their wedding night! Oh, I mustn’t forget the background
music especially the one that was played at the very of the movie; Tumbo
by Capital Femi; superbly thrilling.

It has hard to even point out any error in this movie….it was too good!

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Update: Dinma Udensi, battered wife of ex-ALGON chairman Chikwe Udensi

Dinma Udensi, battered wife

Yesterday Irene Amos Abbott, niece of Dinma Udensi wife of ex-ALGON chairman and PPA gubernatorial candidate, Chief Chikwe Udensi raised alarm over the alleged brutal battering her aunt was suffering in the hands of her husband. (HERE)

Miss Abbott alleged her aunt's husband Chikwe is a violent womaniser, wife beater and and abuser who has been torturing the wife for daring to ask for a divorce.

Dinma Udensi has confirmed her niece's allegations via a short video clip shared on Miss Abbott's Facebook page.

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