KFB Churchy & Fly: We bring you 50 stylish ways to slay the “Mix and Match” Ankara trend (Volume 6)

It’s another great Saturday and we are super excited about this week’s edition of Churchy & Fly. 

the newbies, KFB Churchy and Fly is our fashion column, where we bring
you all the dose of inspiration you need to stun for JESUS on Sundays.

You can keep up with the other volumes you have missed (HERE). 

Today, we are looking at something different and showing you how to mix and match different Ankara fabrics to create wonderful and outstanding looks.

Those tiny bits of fabrics that you have that can’t sew a
complete gown or skirt shouldn’t go to waste, just gather
them up and get creative. When trying this out be careful to match
materials that go together or have the same color hue.

What’s even more interesting about this week’s feature is the fact that Malacia Anderson, C.E.O of 
Li Li’s Creations, shared some tips with us!

Jubilation for Saraki, Dogara, as Court strikes Out suit challenging their defection

Malacia who is known for creating handmade, made to order,
one-of-a-kind clothing with Ankara 

“The one tip I can give when mixing two prints is to find a cohesive point in the two piece of fabric so that it looks as if they belong together…………..When mixing prints use prints with smaller designs, which share a color and don’t mix more than 3 fabrics at once…”

Malacia Anderson
Malacia Anderson

So, dear Kfbers, let’s start to explore the awesomeness of Ankara Mix ).

Photo credit: Instagram

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Join us again next week as a we bring you another trend for church..whoop!



    1. Waje no get fashion sense at all nah. I am surprised to see her on this compilation sef when kemi could have easily brought mercy aigbe's photos

  1. I swear Ankara is the best choice n this hot weather that we are this period. It absorbs heat. Kfb can you talk about Iro and buba for next week please.

  2. Beautiful & Colourful Ankara outfits. These would be good 4 d Extreme Hot weather we're xperiencing now. Kemi, pls let's have d CONTACT or gsm line of any of these FASHION DESIGNERS!

  3. I am impressed but one shouldnt just give one's cloth to just any tailor to sew abeg, they will just spoil the ankara for u.

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