Pete Edochie finally addresses the love child he reportedly has in Kenya

When Pete Edochie speaks, you know you are in for an inspiring and educating ride.

In a new interview with Vanguard, the Veteran Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie broke his silence on a Kenyan, who alleged the Things Fall Apart star is his dad.

Why didn’t he come to Nigeria?‘ Edochie asked rhetorically. ‘I
have never been to Kenya before. Where did I meet his mother? I am not a
wayward person. Peter has been my Personal Assistant for over 17 years.
If I were a sexually adventurous person, he wouldn’t have stayed with
me for this long. But each time somebody calls me he picks up the phone.
Somebody brought the story from the internet and showed it to me
,’ Edochie began.
‘One slim character like that. He looked like a
cattle Rear-er. He said, “somehow I think Pete Edochie is my father.”
Well! Let him come to Nigeria and meet his father. But he hasn’t
embarked on the journey yet. Like I said, such things don’t bother me. I
got married at 22 years. I have never involved myself in tense
extra-marital affairs.
It’s not necessary. We are all weak as men, but
you see, if you decide to pursue a torrid extra-marital relationship,
what will you be proving to people? However, I don’t involve myself in
situations that will make me to compromise my integrity and that of my
,’ the bearded actor divulged.
We bring more excerpts from the interview below: 
Your beard is as old as the grey hair on your head. Will you ever shave it off for any price?

No, I wouldn’t, no matter how much you
would pay me. It gives me character. I have always played a big man in
my movies. If I am not a leader of a cult, I am an Igwe or a native
doctor. There must be something inspiring about you. Something that
frightens people, that terrifies them, intimidates them when they know
that you are coming. When you clean-shave, you lose that character.

For how many years have you been growing your beard?

I started growing beard when I was 23 years.

And you have not shaved the beard since then?

It’s not necessary. I could trim it, but I
will not shave my beard. I will carry it till the end of my time. I have
a lot of hair on my head, and there is so much power in the hair. You
read about the Bible story of Samson and Delilah. Our Lord

Jesus Christ never shaved off his hair. There’s so much power in the hair.

People always mistake Rita Edochie, the actress for your wife?

In a way, she is. She’s my younger brother’s wife. Her husband is seven years younger than myself.

Is it true that you have a love child?

It doesn’t make sense. I don’t need it. Why?

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