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The Mystery behind 12.12.12…

Ghen Ghen, it’s finally 12.12.12…the date foretold by scientists to be the end of the world…hehehehe!
Today is the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year of this 21st century, thus we say goodbye to that lovely string of numbers for another 89 years. You will recall that we just had 11/11/11 a mere
13 months ago and 10/10/10 another 13 months prior to that, 12/12/12 is the last sequential date we are gonna see!

There’s the 12-12-12 End of the World Project, a collection of around 200 pieces of art marking the end of the world.  According to the website, a book of the art may be produced—unless, of course, the end of the world arrives.
But is the world really coming to an end today? No one can tell for sure when the world will end, according to Msgr.
Joselito Asis, secretary general of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of
the Philippines. Even the Bible says no one except God knows when the world would end!
So, enjoy the day, live your daily routine, try out new things and be thankful to God for the gift of life!

Oh by the way, peradventure your birthday is today, (definately someone out there is a year older today) KFB wishes you a happy birthday!

Tireni Adebayo

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