5 guys that ladies should avoid on dating sites

 If you’ve got your hopes pinned on finding your Mr. Right on a dating site
you might be disappointed–or at least taught a lesson in patience. No
matter which site you prefer, you’ll find there’s a lot of dating “spam”
to sift through. Well, just before you get to know him more or fall in love…check out for these factors first!

Ensure that he is not a:
Little liar: Guys that lie about their life, work or stats
need to be passed over. If you uncover one lie, (like he’s 6 foot tall
but turns out he’s only 5) chances are you’ll discover more. Think of
lies as a red flag. 

Strange stalker: If he’s pinging your inbox every time you log
on or following you around the web, you could have a virtual stalker on
your hands. Stalking is no joke and should be taken seriously. Report
any weird behavior to your dating site provider. 

Photo troller: Believe it or not, some guys enroll on dating
sites just to show off their pictures. Unfortunately, not pictures you’d
want to see. If a modern day flasher sends you pics
of his “junk” or asks for pictures of yours, run the other way.

Avatar dater: Newbies may not post a picture right away but if
he’s been online for more than a week he needs a photo. There’s no
reason he’d use an avatar as his fallback avatar unless he’s got
something to hide. Keep an eye on the guy who refuses to post a picture.

Nasty emailer: Dirty talk isn’t cool; especially if it’s
uninvited or unwanted. If he treats you like an online booty call, ditch
him. He’s not going to respect you if you finally get to meet.

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UNILAG launches her first official YOUTUBE channel

University of Lagos, (UNILAG) has implemented and launched her official online communication Video and Audio
channel (YouTube) on the internet.

The YouTube channel is aimed at
improving the presence of the University Of Lagos on the internet. (Gen Ghen, the first federal university in
Nigeria to have a YOUTUBE channel
Their own official YOUTUBE channelcan be accessible by clicking the link
UNILAG first Youtube
To populate this YouTube Channel,
the  University requests for audio and
video recordings of recent events within the University, from members of the
University Community, and they can do good by bringing the audio and video clips to the CITS department.


Hehehe…Naija Celebs and ‘our’ crushes

Tonto Dikeh

I was
with some friends a while ago and the topic of discussion was on ‘celebrity

Joseph Benjamin
We talked about our different ‘celeb’
crushes and answers ranged from Banky W, Uti Nwachukwu to Justin Bieber and the likes.  

KFB’s most creative photo(s) of the day

NS: KFB is Kemi Filani's blog.
So, check out this creative architectural work...isn't it lovely? Kudos to whoever designed it but it kinda looks scary sha...What do you think?
Here goes another creative work of art, what do you see?

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