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‘Massive’ items man presented to his daughter at her traditional wedding causes stir online



Benue wedding

The Nigerian social media space has been agog over humongous items a man gifted his daughter as wedding presence.

A Benue man, Chief Aondonengen Ansha gave out his daughter, Anmadam Ella’s hand in marriage to her husband on Saturday, July 9, 2022.

The chief reportedly presented loads of items including; bed, refrigerator, wardrobe, gas cooker, pillows, pots, etc as wedding gift.

A Facebook user, Jiji Jack, shared photos of massive array of items the father presented to his daughter at the traditional wedding ceremony.

“Take these items to your new home, Aondonengen Ansha to his daughter, Anmadam Ella, as she hooks silver Traditionally today” he wrote.

See photos of the items below;